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Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

When you’re thinking about home improvements, the exterior of your property should never be neglected. You may be asking yourself if landscaping increases home value, and the simple answer is yes. With a well-maintained and beautifully designed landscape, you can take steps toward adding significant value to your home or business property.

The Value of Landscaping

Quality landscaping is a major investment that has been shown to pay off. There is some research that indicates a professionally landscaped property can raise a home’s value by 5% and 12%. This means that for a relatively affordable $300,000 home, the landscaping could add anywhere between $15,000 and a whopping $36,000 to the home’s overall value. 

Additionally, landscaping has the potential to expedite the sale of a property. Buyers tend to perceive homes that feature professional landscaping as better maintained and more desirable overall. Therefore, if you’re pondering the question of “how much value does landscaping add to a home,” the answer is relatively significant.

Key Aspects of Landscaping that Add Value

Outdoor Living Spaces

The massive rise in popularity of outdoor living spaces has further underscored the impact of landscaping on a home’s overall home value. These spaces can range from fully equipped outdoor kitchens to simple patio setups with extensive seating areas and a fire feature of some sort.

Irrigation Systems

A well-installed and maintained irrigation system can ensure that your landscape remains lush and green no matter what the weather is doing. This feature not only increases the home’s attractiveness but also its value. A reliable system that delivers the right amount of water can significantly improve plant health, reducing the total maintenance cost over time. 

Landscaping Lighting and Bistro Lighting

An important aspect that can dramatically increase a home’s curb appeal is the implementation of landscaping and bistro lighting. Proper lighting creates a much more inviting ambiance, illuminates the beauty of your landscape even at night, and increases security. 

Holiday Lighting

Potential buyers often see holiday lighting installations as a significant plus. They add festive charm and holiday cheer to a home. These installations can save the homeowner not only time and effort but also storage space, eliminating clutter in spaces where seasonal items are stored. This can add a lot of appeal to a home.

Outdoor Audio

Including an outdoor audio system in your landscape design can enhance the outdoor living experience even further. It can be a valuable addition that creates the ideal atmosphere or ambiance for relaxation or entertainment. This makes the outdoor living spaces more versatile, which adds value to the home. 

Synthetic Turf Installation

Synthetic turf installation is another feature that can add value to your home. It provides the beauty of a green lawn without the regular maintenance, water costs, and time investment associated with natural grass. Additionally, in areas where conventional turf care like mowing is simply too much trouble or not practical, synthetic turf can be a perfect solution for comfort, appearance, and overall maintenance. 

Partner with Elevated Seasons for Leading Value-Adding Landscape Solutions

So, does landscape add value to your home? Absolutely! From creating a stunning first impression to helping the sale close as quickly as possible at a higher price, good landscaping is a worthwhile investment. Whether you plan to create an outdoor living space, install bistro lighting, or research and install synthetic turf, each landscaping element is designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic and market value. 
If you’re ready to invest in your outdoor living space, Elevated Seasons is here to be your trusted remodeling partner. We have the teams, the experience, and the craftsmanship to give you the results you want. Reach out today for more information, or to get started with a landscaping plan.

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