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Artifical Turf Installation

Transforming your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis is our passion here at Elevated Seasons, and as experts in artificial turf installation in Los Angeles, we have the experience and the practical knowledge to bring your vision to life. From meticulous landscaping to state-of-the-art outdoor audio, we incorporate a plethora of elements to create breathtaking outdoor living spaces. One of the key features of many of these spaces is synthetic turf. This turf is one of the most ideal modern solutions for combining aesthetics with functionality while cutting down maintenance.

The eco-friendly choice

What is Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf is a surface material that is made from synthetic fibers that have been engineered to look and feel like natural grass. It’s an excellent alternative to natural grass, providing a beautiful, low-maintenance surface that not only looks good all year round, but that feels good as well. In Los Angeles, where sometimes water conservation efforts are critical, a synthetic turf installation is a sensible and highly eco-friendly choice.

Why Choose Artificial Turf Installation in Los Angeles?

There are many benefits to choosing synthetic turf, but here are some of the biggest reasons that turf installation in Los Angeles is such an incredibly popular choice:

  1. Durability: Synthetic turf is able to stand up to heavy use, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas. It also maintains a vibrant color and feels under a variety of weather conditions.
  2. Low Maintenance: Synthetic turf requires far less upkeep than natural grass. There is no watering, feeding, or mowing needed. This frees up not only significant amounts of money but massive amounts of time as well, time that would otherwise be spent toiling in the yard or around the grounds
  3. Environmentally Friendly: There is no need for pesticides or fertilizers that can harm the environment or pose a hazard to pets or children. Additionally, it’s water-smart, and since it maintains its look without using any water, it’s a great option for the often arid climate of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.
Customized just for you

Our Turf Installation Process

At Elevated Seasons, we aren’t just providing a product, we’re committing to a service. Our synthetic turf installation in Los Angeles process begins with an initial, personalized consultation. During this consultation, we’ll learn more about your needs, desires, overall vision, and total budget. Then we start the creation of your custom installation design, factoring in things like property layout, architecture, and personal style.

The process itself is meticulously conducted. Our team of experts first makes sure the ground is prepped properly before laying the turf. This involves grading the land, creating a solid base for the turf, and installing drainage if needed. Then the turf is physically installed, making sure it’s smooth, secure, and aesthetically correct.

More Than Just Turf Installation

We create completely customized outdoor living spaces that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

While we take significant pride in our specialty of synthetic turf installation in Los Angeles, we also offer much more, for homeowners looking for more comprehensive outdoor living services.  We are a leading provider of landscaping, irrigation, landscaping lighting, bistro lighting, holiday lighting, and outdoor audio services in Los Angeles. Each of these elements is individually designed and installed with the utmost attention to detail and professional results.

Whether you prefer a simpler, more elegant single string of white lights, or an all-out, extravagant display of brightly colored lights and various holiday accents, we can cater to all tastes. We install bistro lighting for an intimate display of holiday festivity, or an intense spectacle with music synchronization put out through outdoor audio systems.


Trust Elevated Seasons To Give You The Outdoor Space You’ve Always Wanted

It takes a skilled team of experts to effectively transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious oasis, and it starts with the right foundation. Synthetic turf is one of the best places to start since it gives you the look and feel of natural grass without the need for watering or other maintenance. Whether you think you’re ready for turf or just want to ask a few questions, reach out to Elevated Seasons for more information or to get started. The expert team at our landscaping company in Los Angeles is here to help.

Leave the Lighting to Us

Let us Elevate your property with our expert landscape design, lighting, and irrigation services.


What our satisfied customers are saying:​

The finished project was far beyond expectations, and was completed in record time. Nathan’s attention to detail was superb….I would highly recommend Nathan Murrell for any of your lighting needs. In fact, I would emphatically say, “you will not be disappointed!”​

Michael Haibach​

Michael Haibach​


Nathan and the guys did a fantastic job with our house. It looked amazing; everything was easy; they were always punctual, and they solved some last minute problems for us with creativity and good cheer. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Margaret Francis

Beyond happy with the lighting installed by Elevated Seasons. They installed permanent landscape lighting (fountain & driveway) as well as Christmas lights (wreath, tree wraps and house trim). Turned out beautiful! The crew was very respectful of the property, installed everything in a timely manner and cleaned up after they left.

Nathan was very professional, helpful and easy to work with. He provided a line-by-line estimate breakdown for every aspect of the project and was completely transparent about cost of materials and labor. I will definitely hire Elevated Seasons for future projects.

Leonardo Benitez

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