Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Outdoor Lighting for Your Backyard Wedding

Lighting Services Near Me

He popped the question and you said, “Yes.” Then, you decided on the wedding date. How about the venue? The two of you decided to have a backyard wedding. Now, what? How can you make sure that the day will be magical? Outdoor lighting. And to install it, make sure to find “lighting services near me.”

Get “Lighting Services Near Me” Involved Early

You don’t want your wedding day to be a disastrous event when your guests fell and tumbled down because it’s too dark in your backyard. If you chose to have a backyard wedding on your property for whatever reason, make sure to contact a lighting designer early on. Don’t wait to call a lighting designer or contractor until the last minute. Prioritize outdoor lighting the same way you prioritize catering.

Lighting Services Near Me

Use Fewer Functional Lights

When it comes to lighting, less is more. String lights might just be enough functional lights to set the tone for the night. To create a gorgeous atmosphere, there’s no need to install elaborate candelabras with candles. Bistro lights are more ideal. If you want to add more, landscape lighting is ideal to assist your guests in traversing your backyard. You may also add some illuminating features to the landscape to elevate the evening.

Avoid Lighting That Looks Like An Afterthought

This can happen if you work with a designer later in the planning stage. It’s vital that you hire a designer at the same time you hire a designer for your wedding gown. Working with a lighting designer early on will ensure that everything will look fine during the big day.

Find Inspiration Online But Work with a Designer

There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from online photos or the Pinterest board. But remember that the photos you see online are staged and curated. Furthermore, some lights are not ideal in the actual setup. That’s why it’s best that you talk to a lighting designer to ensure that what you want can be achieved. If you avoid hiring a lighting designer, you are likely to end up having stunning lights in the vision board but ended in poor execution. Hire a lighting designer and pick a design that creates a timeless look.

Make the Day a Success

Outdoor isn’t just a minor detail of your wedding. It’s one of the essential pieces for your backyard wedding. The lights are vital unless you ask your guests to leave before 5 pm. When it starts to get dark, you want your guests to see you smashing a piece of cake to your partner. Your caterer and guests will also thank you for illuminating the area so they can see what they are eating.

Have an Upcoming Wedding?

If you have an upcoming backyard wedding, make sure to hire a lighting designer. Not sure where to get started? Request a consultation from the “lighting services near me.” Contact (818) 698-2514.


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