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Lighting Your Patio to Make It Look Like It’s an Extension of Indoor Space

When you decide to install lighting on your patio, you should not attempt to install the lights yourself. Instead, you must search for “lighting contractors near me.” Interview at least 5 contractors before you hire one. When you narrow down your options, though, consider hiring contractors that don’t just install lights. Instead, opt for a company that can also design lighting.

Lighting Contractors Near Me” to Install and Design Patio Lighting

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a lighting designer and another company to install the lighting. But would it be great to have one contractor to do these tasks? You can save money when the lighting contractor you hire also does the designing. But why install lights on your patio in the first place?

Lighting Contractors Near Me

Make It Functional

When you host a party on your patio, you don’t need to lead your guests inside your house if it starts to get dark in the evening. Functional lighting provides your guests with a functional light source. It provides you with useful lighting. The lights also create a sense of atmosphere. There are various forms of functional lighting.

  • Bistro. It’s a string lighting suspended overhead around an outdoor setup. The lights are great because they set the scene while being functional. According to Martha Stewart, “Nothing elevates a backyard patio faster than a stylish set of bistro lights. Along with illuminating your yard after the sun sets, a beautiful set of café lights can also help create an ambient atmosphere for entertaining guests outdoors.”
  • Down Lighting. It involves installing a light fixture in a tree or mounting it off in one area of your home. The fixtures aren’t for big floodlights. Rather, the lights offer a softer, subtle effect.

Ensure Safety of Guests

Task lighting is not just about providing functionality to your patio but it also ensures that you and your guests can go back to the yard safely. One great example of it is path lighting. It illuminates pathways and gives people proper lighting to and from the front yard. And if there are elevation changes, people can easily see them so they can avoid falling down in the dark. Besides path lights, you can also choose to install tread lights. They illuminate staircases and steps.

Set a Mood

You can do so by choosing ambient lighting. In this setup, the lights are installed to capture your surroundings. The lights accentuate the key features of your house to wow your guests. Choose uplighting around your patio space to add subtle touch and elevate a space. It makes it feel comforting.

Bring All Lighting Elements Together

Having functional, task, and ambient lighting can be a good idea for any type of patio lighting installation. But it takes a great design to ensure that the three elements work together in a spectacular way.

Need Help from a Professional Lighting Contractor?

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Find out how Elevated Seasons can make your outdoor living spaces better with our top-notch landscape design and installation services!

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