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Event Lighting Services in Los Angeles for Any Event 

Have you been looking for event lighting services in Los Angeles but it doesn’t feel like anything lives up to your standards? Does it seem like whenever you research potential event lighting or talk to a professional, they don’t get exactly what it is you’re looking for? When you have an event, it’s exactly that: your event. Something special, an important night, an occasion that has to be treated with reverence – that’s just part of what makes an event an event. Here at Elevated Seasons, we’ve helped many to make their events look exactly how they want. 

The Importance of Event Lighting Services in Los Angeles 

You might think: “do we really need to get event lighting for our event?” The truth is, yes, you do. Specifically, you do if you want your event to feel and look like your event. Just stringing up some lights and having a bunch of people over might be a gathering and it could even be a good time, but it’s not going to be an event. You might also think: “we’re just going to make sure it’s intimately lit and so forth.” Actually, that makes it all the more important to call in custom lighting professionals. “Intimately lit” can become “dark” quite quickly. When you have the professionals on your side, you’ll have the kind of lighting that you want. 

Event Lighting

One of a Kind Events 

There are some events that are meant to last forever. Weddings, special birthdays, and so forth: those are the kinds of events that occur, quite literally, once in a lifetime. Over the years, we’ve helped so many to have the caliber of lighting they would want at their wedding. Lighting is one of those things that people may not comment on at the moment, it may not come up in conversation, but, if it’s in any way subpar, it will be one of the first things that they notice. So much of a wedding is in the pictures, the videos, the experiences. With our lighting, your wedding can be everything that you’ve wanted it to be. 

Celebrating Celebrations and Corporation Events 

Most importantly, the quality of your lighting makes a statement about your company. For example, a corporation that has great lighting for their corporate event shows how accomplished and even serious they are. We’ve lit many fundraisers where the lighting went a long way towards establishing the “bona fides,” so to speak, of those doing the fundraising. Lighting is essential to your guests’ enjoyment of any event. 

Every Event Starts with Safety 

No matter the size and scope of your event, safety always comes first. This blog has been written during the COVID-19 pandemic. To make sure that your event is as safe as can be, we always make sure to follow any and all health guidelines when putting together your lighting solution. That way, you and your guests can enjoy your event free from worry. To talk to our pros, call (818) 875-5711. 

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What our satisfied customers are saying:​

The finished project was far beyond expectations, and was completed in record time. Nathan’s attention to detail was superb….I would highly recommend Nathan Murrell for any of your lighting needs. In fact, I would emphatically say, “you will not be disappointed!”​

Michael Haibach​

Michael Haibach​


Nathan and the guys did a fantastic job with our house. It looked amazing; everything was easy; they were always punctual, and they solved some last minute problems for us with creativity and good cheer. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Margaret Francis

Beyond happy with the lighting installed by Elevated Seasons. They installed permanent landscape lighting (fountain & driveway) as well as Christmas lights (wreath, tree wraps and house trim). Turned out beautiful! The crew was very respectful of the property, installed everything in a timely manner and cleaned up after they left.

Nathan was very professional, helpful and easy to work with. He provided a line-by-line estimate breakdown for every aspect of the project and was completely transparent about cost of materials and labor. I will definitely hire Elevated Seasons for future projects.

Leonardo Benitez

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