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Sprinkler Repair Tips For System Malfunctioning

After investing in more quality sprinklers, you now ought to maintain them for you to enjoy the services continuously. Sprinkler repair is often required in fostering continuous irrigation. You can have continuous lushly green surroundings if you enhance regular irrigation. This can only be possible when your equipment is fit for use. As majorities have focused more on DIY subjects in finding gardening solutions, you still need aid in handling irrigation. The rise in faulty devices and more malfunctioning equipment has made more people opt for sprinkler use. You need to have an understanding of what you are going to expect if you ever purchase a sprinkler. Here is a list of subjects that you need to observe more in case you ever find yourself in need of sprinkler aid.

Ensure You Clean the Head of Your Sprinkler

This is one of the most important pieces of advice people need to understand if they ever wish to secure a healthy result. Sprinkler repair is essential, and when you clean the sprinkler’s head, you can be certain to remove debris and clogged dirt. If you notice that your water flow is gradually fading away and experiencing a low flow of water, then this is an indication that you need to take action. You might need to open up the head of your sprinkler and use warm water and a cloth to manually clean for prolonged clogging. You may also consider using a thin wire for prolonged dirt that seems more stubborn for cloth use only. This should be your solid move towards enhancing the long-lasting utility of your sprinkler.

Sprinkler Repair by Observing Leaky Pipes

The other common requirement to adhere to more is accessing the leaky areas in your PVC pipes. You might be wondering why the pressure of your sprinkler is fading away; however, if you are concerned enough, you can observe any leaking links in your pipes. For your sprinkler to be active and in use, you need to keep the water pressure constant; this you can only note if you undertake regular check-ups. If you are unsure of the pressure change, there are signs that you may be encountering a leak.

  • Most sprinklers head are working better when compared to the rest
  • You have water pulling out in random spots in your yard
  • The meter is still active when the water is turned off
  • Inconsistency of water pressure by the sprinkler

If these are observed in your yard, then it is evident that you leak. You are advised to ensure that you seek out help by contacting the right sprinkler company for repair purposes. If you wish to optimize your outdoor space, then you ought to undertake firsthand action by seeking help from experts.

Inspection of Backflow Preventer

Water preventer will always stop onward water flow from contaminating your water system. This common device has been installed in most homes and tends to separate irrigation water from home use and drinking water. When the backflow preventer is turned off then, it prevents water flow. This can cause a stoppage of sprinklers working, especially when the water is turned on. This is because of the pressure within the pipes, and if you are inconsistent with it, then you can easily damage the sprinkler in a short while. The only remedy for this is the installation of a sewer backflow preventer which will reinstate the normal functioning of your PVC pipes. You need to make this check in case you possess a backflow preventer in your home.

Checking Out For Faulty Valves

Some leaks are likely to result from faulty valves other than leaky pipes. Sprinkler repair is essential to reinstate the normal performance of the valves. These leaks will likely result in a drop in water pressure, malfunctioning of sprinklers’ heads, and excess moisture in one area. This tends to cause the repair to progress to a challenging run due to the need to locate the faulty valve. You need to check your system to understand the equipment used, which will ease the valve’s location. It would help if you focused on these common signs as you might have faulty valves.

  • You have a valve sticking open due to worn out diaphragm or debris
  • Damaged fittings, wires, or worn out
  • You have wet valve boxes

After focusing on the above, it is high time for you to undertake the replacement of the solenoid. The solenoid is wire coils that signal the valve to stop and open to allow or prevent the flow of water. If your valves are in good condition and not working for as long, then this might be the only remedy. Here are some common DIY tips you need to enhance solenoid replacement.

  • Disconnect the electricity and shut off the water supply
  • Remove the sprinkler valve
  • Clean debris inside the solenoid
  • Consult the manufacturer to gain more information about the object and make necessary replacements
  • Use a screwdriver to fix and replace your solenoid

Sprinkler Repair

If you are focused on the above, then this is likely that you will have excellent sprinkler repair results. Don’t hesitate to contact Elevated Seasons due to their expertise and technical know-how in handling sprinkler repair. Make sure you contact them via (818) 698-2514, and you can be assured of excellent irrigation services in your home.


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