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How to Fix a Broken Irrigation System

Maintaining a lush and vibrant landscape in your home or business requires a well-functioning irrigation system. But, like everything else, even the most robust systems are going to encounter issues from time to time.

Recognizing the signs of trouble early can save you time and money. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the most common problems that lead to a broken irrigation system, as well as how to address those issues. In the end, we’ll point you toward a trusted local resource if you’d rather leave it to a pro.

Common Problems in Irrigation Systems & Identifying Them

It may seem overwhelming to even think about where to start if your irrigation system is broken, but there aren’t that many things that can go wrong, so troubleshooting tends to be a little easier than you might think. Here are some common issues to check right off the bat.

Uneven Water Distribution

One of the first signs of a malfunctioning irrigation system is uneven water distribution. You might notice some areas of your lawn are lush and green while others are dry and patchy. This discrepancy often indicates issues such as blocked sprinkler heads or improperly adjusted spray patterns.

Soggy Patches and Water Puddles

Conversely, if you observe soggy patches or small pools of water accumulating on your property, it’s a sign that your system is leaking or over-watering certain areas. These waterlogged areas can lead to grass disease and root rot, which are harmful to your landscape’s health.

Signs of Wear on Sprinkler Heads

Regularly check your sprinkler heads for signs of wear or damage. Broken or clogged sprinkler heads can significantly affect the efficiency of your irrigation system, leading to wasted water and increased utility costs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing Your Irrigation System

  1. Replacing Sprinkler Heads: If you’ve identified damaged or clogged sprinkler heads, start by unscrewing the faulty head from the riser. Check for debris and clean it out if necessary. Screw on a new sprinkler head, ensuring it’s compatible with your system and properly aligned with the intended spray area.
  2. Repairing Leaks: For leaks, first, locate the source by observing where water accumulates or by using a soil probe to detect unusually wet areas. Once identified, dig around the leaking section, being careful not to damage more of the pipe. Cut out the damaged section and replace it with a new piece of pipe and connectors. Ensure all connections are secure before covering the pipe with soil.
  3. Unclogging Lines: To clear a clog, shut off your irrigation system and remove any debris or dirt from the affected sprinkler head and connecting pipes. If the clog is deeper, you may need to use a plumber’s snake to clear the line. Flush the system with water to ensure it is clear of any obstructions.
  4. Adjusting Sprinkler Layouts: If some areas are receiving too much or too little water, adjust the layout of your sprinkler heads. This might involve repositioning them or changing the nozzles to alter the water pressure and coverage area.
  5. Checking and Resetting the System Controller: Finally, check your irrigation controller settings to make sure it’s programmed correctly for the current weather conditions and landscape needs. Adjust the watering schedule according to seasonal changes to optimize water use and ensure your landscape’s health.

When to Call a Professional for Irrigation Repair

While tackling minor repairs yourself can be a good way to maintain your irrigation system, certain scenarios demand professional attention. Complex issues such as system-wide pressure problems, substantial pipe damage, or electrical faults within the system controller are best handled by experts. Professional services like Elevated Seasons will have the specialized tools, experience, and knowledge necessary to diagnose and resolve intricate issues efficiently, ensuring your system operates optimally and avoids further damage.

Trust Elevated Seasons to Get Things Flowing

Maintaining an efficient irrigation system is crucial for the health of your landscape. Trust Elevated Seasons to get things flowing smoothly again. Our team is ready to provide top-quality service and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today and let us take care of your irrigation challenges, ensuring your property remains pristine and thriving.

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